Business on the Underground

Uncover up-to-date goings on in the biz world before your competition does

Get access to secret hubs of intel before they are widely known to the public

Unlock libraries of information on every aspect of running a business


No more stolen ideas

No more not getting answers because you were afraid to ask

This, my friend, is the Business on the Underground.

This is where you find all the info you didn’t know you need to look for in order to get that sexy ass leg up on your competition.

This is not a Facebook group.

It’s an ANONYMOUS forum where you can become the owner you want to become, get the 411 on the latest Facebook f-ups, and master the techniques your competition is still fighting to master.

Having been in the business world for well over a decade, working behind the scenes of massive personalities and launches, taking part in secret courses and classes, I have developed a keen eye and intuition for what’s coming next.

And my clients all benefit from taking that action first.

Now it’s your turn to have at that same intel.

Become the innovative leader in your industry that you long to become.

Walk in the light these shadows bring and you’ll stay far ahead of the rest of your people.

Because when you are on the leading edge of it all, you get attention.

And THAT? Is what makes money.

What you get when you join the Underground:

Access to intelligence information that leaders of industries HAVE to have access to in order to evolve and innovate beyond their competition with up-to-the-minute assessments, news, and trends.

Access to a forum where you create an anonymous profile so nothing you do can be stolen

Answers to questions via support from other group members, myself, and an ever-growing, ever-changing secret library of information for DIYing and making magic in your business through the best systems for your model

You have questions:

  • What email service provider is the best for my business?
  • Facebook has done WHAT?? How do I get around THAT?
  • I’m so SICK of webinars - what’s NEXT?
  • The Business Underground has all the answers you seek.
  • When Facebook introduces new algorithms, you’ll be the first to know (they do that a lot more than you realize, btw).
  • When bots shift and new options become available, you’ll be the first to know.
  • When you can’t figure out your Mailchimp issue, I’ll be there to answer question or point you to someone who can.

This is NOT a typical gathering of great minds.

This is the magic of the Mage.

And I’ve been doing this so long that this was as only option for my business. You need information. I have it. And I need you to get it, grasp it, and execute on it. Fast.

Be a leader. Be an innovator. Be the BEST in your industry with the Business Underground standing deep in the shadows behind you.

Only $30 / Month - cancel anytime. 

Who the freak am I anyway?

I’m Danielle Magestro. And I’m the Magic Mage behind the alchemy of multiple powerhouse businesses and A-Listers who know that being on the cutting edge is the only way to win.

As the Director of Magic for my $100K+ clients, I know how to gauge what’s coming for them and how to steer them toward the win.

I also have an IT background that lends to my fast-as-lightning tech solutions that all businesses need.

And I grow business owners.

It’s what I’ve always done. My clients don’t come to me ready for the success they experience. They come to me and I walk them through becoming who they want to be. Fire by fire. Dollar by dollar.

Join the Business Underground and get in on the Speakeasy that your competition doesn’t want you to be a part of.