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Tania Dakka, Copywriter & Legend-Maker // Badass'D Digital Ink

Tania Dakka, Copywriter and Legend-Maker, has been writing emotionally charged copy since 2011. This is our fourth brand that we’ve helped bring to life for her.

Our goal was to showcase her personality and fire in her visual branding and improve the customer experience on her website in order to attract more of ideal clients and increase her rate of conversion.

Tania is one-part Harley Rider and one-part Digital Ink Slinger. She adores as much leather, and black and red as possible, so we had to, of course, keep that in mind when designing her branding.

As conversations with the client went deeper, her brand crystallized with a strong rock and roll vibe, but more of a high end one to match her clientele.

While others in the copywriting industry often went for the more corporate style in terms of graphics, we opted for more of the black diamond meets whiskey to push her to stand out in her industry.

Click here to visit Tania Dakka’s website.

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