Star Guiders: Director of Magic Advice Room


The thought of hiring an online business manager leaves you breathless. You know you need one. SO bad.

But you just aren't quite there yet

That's ok, it's coming. You can feel the momentum swaying in the right direction.  

Having someone else you can lean on for your business operations decisions will change your world - you just know it. 

Because you take pride in your craft and are damn good at what you do! BUT it’s early enough that you are still developing good habits, and could use some accountability. 

You do best in a FB Group because you are online a bunch. 

You also could use a connection to someone else who has the (underground, pulsating, ever-changing) knowledge to help you soar because they’ve helped so many other business owners do it. 


The DOM pod is the place for you.

Get the support you need to know which actions to take next so you can reach your next level goals. Get access to a powerful Director of Magic (at the fraction of the cost of a monthly retainer).

$297/mo with FB ads help

*Unless you are already in our biz incubator, Fire of the Diamond
and in that case, it’s only $247/mo.

Facebook ads help includes managing of up to 3 live ads at a time. This does not include setup of sales funnels or in-depth multi-level campaigns, but does include ads to grow your page, increase brand awareness, or get traffic to your blogs and content or freebie. Also does not include the Facebook ads budget, you will be responsible for ad billing.

Receive private FB Group Access to my D.O.M. group so that you can never feel alone in your business again. 

Find new ways to be resourceful and run spending by me so that you don’t suffer from shiny object syndrome. 

Give yourself a boost via my words of inspiration on days when the ebb and flow just isn’t there. 

Have a safe place to work on your ‘stuff’ with another high caliber, non-competing business owner so that you stay motivated, and reach stardom.



The things I help business owners do by way of leading through directives and execution advice (and by offering group accountability): 

  • Establish and execute growth strategies so their audiences consistently expand

  • Establish and execute marketing campaigns so their income consistently expands

  • Answer questions that can make or break your bottom line so you don’t make the missteps that other new business owners make

  • Analytics assessments so you can understand your flow of traffic and how to maximize it

  • Establish and execute systems that keep your business running smoothly, even if you are “off”

And so much more. 

Apply via the application button and I will be in touch within 24 hours.

My Director of Magic clients adore working with me because:

They have someone to bounce wacky ideas off of so they don’t go nuts carrying out the wrong ones for their audiences.

They have someone to follow up on their finances who knows how to keep spending lean and growth, fat.

They get advice on what steps they should be taking and when, based on numbers, not guessing.

They have a mentor who has established and successfully run multiple small businesses in the online space.

They have access to knowledge that would take them months to uncover and understand, so the legwork is basically done for them.

What this group is:

Access to high-powered, underground knowledge and advice that helps you grow your income and your audience via my brain, a high caliber, non-competing business owner just like you.
A place for support. 

What it is not:

A hands-on arena. Everything you get from me will be directives and advice on directives that you will execute on your own.  

A place for competition.

You want to up your growth rate and pace? This is the best, most efficient, place to do it.

Normally, clients pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000 a month to keep me on their teams. You and I can team up, now, for a mere $297/mo. (or $247 for Fire of the Diamond members).

This is the biggest no-brainer I can offer.


And why?

Because I want you to win NOW. Not in three years when you’ve worked your a$$ off and come to me sad and frustrated and ready to quit. This is the best way to make it happen.

Success is written in your stars.

And we’re headed for every single one of them.

ONLY five 1 spot left in the service industry pod!
Product based pod is now open.

Who is the Mage?

I have been in the online business world for over 10 years. I have worked with some powerful names in this industry and still do. 

I am the founder of, Statement Tease, and I helped create my husband’s Sea Captain Beard Co. As well as being the Director of Magic for multiple successful businesses. 

My mission is to grow YOU so you can grow your business. And in the Director of Magic Co-Op, you’re going to learn all the ins and outs that you need to make your business run and run well. That is what’s written in MY stars.


Fine Print: This is a monthly service and while this service is non-refundable, you may cancel at anytime. To do this log into your paypal, go to recurring payments, and cancel our payment agreement. You may also reach out to me at and my support team will help assist you.