Rubies & Sage

Not for the faint of heart business.

Hi, I'm Danielle and I'm your next Director of Magic. 

You've been in business for over a year or longer, and now you need to stabilize the revenue. 

You find yourself taking on every single client who walks in the door, but it's time to qualify them better or just improve their experience. 

You long for a partnership and a business BFF. Someone who cares like you do. 

You are experienced but you don't how to give yourself ENOUGH credit. 

You lack a plan, plain and simple.

Ask yourself, what would happen if I combined forces and doubled-up on the business wisdom? 

The answer: You would no longer be in business alone. 

You would have my permission to pass the buck, when you have better things to do.
(Like use your talent to make that cash or practice more of what you do.)

We'll fix the broken stuff together.
I'll share my zen-like wisdom and anecdotes to help you
have a more calm and mess-free business. 

I will help you package up your programs, offerings, and/or products. I'll handle creating your PDF's, program files, social media graphics, content plans, scheduling, and more. 

I believe that in business there are no rules, and there are no absolutes.
However, here is a possibility of a greater connection to your craft and your business. 

Our partnership will allow you to grow your business while only having to do what you love. 

My zen-like approach will help keep your business calm and chaos free. 

Engagements start at $1499/Month


Upon on-boarding you'll receive a
'Big Picture' analysis of the current state of your business.  
We'll find all of your mouse holes and evict anything that isn't working. 

A tailored weekly strategy for operations, technology and supporting your business. 

We will meet weekly for a 60 minute momentum planning session.

We will each walk away with a to-do list that focuses on the growth of your business.  

Generous email support with priority access during business hours.   

Note: This package does not include any VA services nor the cost of any additional software or tools that may be needed to grow your business. This is negotiable, so let's chat if you need this. 

The below rates are good through Dec 31, 2017. 

$5997/Quarterly = 1 Payment
$1497/Monthly = 6 Monthly Payments

All payments and purchases are non-refundable. 

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On the edge of the universe lays a cluster of stars.

That's exactly where I live, keeping watch over the business universe.