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Robin Jonna Rosenhaus, Manifestation Accelerator

Robin Jonna Rosenhaus, Emotional Demon Slayer and Manifestation Accelerator, teaches women how to get more money, men, and mayhem in their lives. 

Our goal was to showcase her personality and strengths in her visual branding and improve the customer experience on her website in order to attract more of ideal clients and increase her rate of conversion. 

Robin is one-part sparkly goddess and one-part wisdom driven truth-guide. She adores as much glitter as possible, so we had to, of course, keep that in mind when designing her branding. 

As conversations with the client went deeper, her brand crystallized as castles and rose gold penetrated every aspect of our visions. 

While others in the manifestation industry often went the metaphysical route in terms of graphics, we opted for more of the strong-goddess-who-has-everything vibe to push her to stand out in her industry. 

Click here to view Robin Jonna Rosenhaus’ website.