Thunderbolts & Bizcraft


Thunderbolts & Bizcraft


Goodbye. Goodbye to doing it on your own. Goodbye to the crushing life of a solopreneur. Goodbye to trying to survive on your own. 

The support you crave is here. On a budget you cannot afford NOT to have. 

This package is specifically geared to the 1st and 2nd year entrepreneurs who know what they want, but building it on their own is suffocating them, instead of giving their business flight. 

Thunderbolts & Bizcraft is one part teaching/talking and one part doing. For just $347 a month you'll receive:

  1. A generous hour of support where I will fix and or work on anything you need. I'm not a minute counter, when I say generous, I mean generous. The included projects could be a Facebook Ad, a photoshop or graphic task, or a website tweak.

  2. A one on one call with me to get everything off your chest, work on ideas, and jam about how to move your biz forward. You'll receive one, one hour call per month and unlimited email support.

There is no agreement, and time and tasks do not carry over. Cancel anytime. It really is that easy!

  • Receive a sounding board and a strong pair of hands that make magic, every time. 

  • Give yourself some room to breathe without spending all your dough. 

  • Get access to underground knowledge. 

FINE PRINT: Due to the nature of this offer, all payments are non-refundable. 

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