Conjure Money: Business Analysis that Creates Magic in your Biz

Conjure Money: Business Analysis that Creates Magic in your Biz

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What if you knew where every HOLE in your systems are? What if you could STOP leaking money from your business? What if you could see EXACTLY where and HOW to make more money from your business this year?

You'll receive a detailed analysis of the current state of your business and online presence.  

This offer is also popular with those who are looking to make changes to their systems, ops, finances, or tech and need an outside opinion who can analyze their current situation and make recommendations. This is also popular for those who need to look at cost cutting or overhead analysis to find solutions that may be more budget friendly. 

How it works:

You will fill out my questionnaire and within 7 business days, you'll receive a two-page report with all of my findings. This report is tailored to each business and is not a generic report. You may need to grant me backend access to your systems in order to receive a complete report. 

If you decide you'd like the session upgrade, we will plan to meet after delivery of the report (so at roughly a week after purchase, give or take a day). Each session is 45 minutes. 

Payment Info:

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All purchases are non-refundable.

I'm Dani, Wondermaker & Biz Mage. As Director of Ops of powerhouse businesses and former manager to top brands you know VERY well, I know what it takes to make true magic happen and I've done it - IN EVERY BUSINESS I've worked with. 

I want to do for you what I've done for them. Ready for the incantations your business needs to power up the magic needed to make profits you deserve.

Click the button and they are yours. 

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