Brilliant Mayhem Half Day Session

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Brilliant Mayhem Half Day Session


How This Works:

  • Purchase your spot and we will work together to book in a time that works best for both of us.  
  • You are then sent a questionnaire so I can analyze your business and get the party started. 
  • We then meet on Skype or phone on the date you chose and we get down to business. 
  • While this session can be intense, I'll be doing the heavy lifting.
  • Sessions can be broken down into two, two hour intervals in the same day if you wish. 
  • It is recommended you purchase these way in advance of any upcoming launches.

Pay via credit card below. Need Paypal, click here. 

Important Info: Note that all sessions purchased are non-refundable. Additionally, if the 4-hour timeframe is too intense, please ask about inserting interval breaks to rest or you can split this into two days, at two hours each. 

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