"The soothsayer. The bringer of truths and stories that invoke the business you were born to run - the one that was born in you.

Danielle Magestro-Musgrove IS the biz partner you long for. She pulls the ideas out of you and helps execute the shit you can't.

Don't know what the fuck your analytics are saying? She translates them and shows you where your strengths are so you can capitalize on them.

Can't work Photoshop? She'll make you look like a goddess, crank out social graphics that make people swoon, and create landing pages that scream professionally done...because, well, she IS.

Don't know what you should produce next? This chick is the QUEEN of reading what your people want so you crank out profitable program after profitable program.

But most importantly? She's THE MAGE who guides business owners out of their own shadows and into the lives they've been dying to live.

If you have NOT worked with her? You are losing more than money."

Tania Dakka
Copywriter + Creative Strategist

“Danielle is wonderful to work with. She always goes above and beyond when it comes to all the really neat stuff she does for entrepreneurs. Need graphics? Danielle does an amazing job-she has a great eye for branding and impact. Need a jump-start for your Facebook ads? She knows Facebook! Need marketing ideas? Ask Danielle.

P.S. She designs cool websites, too!”

Joel Libava
The Franchise King®

"I've been resisting any sort of va for years. Tried a few and just not up to my standards.

I discovered Dani through a copywriter I was working with that raved about Dani. I was curious and tried out her session.

I have had so many ideas put on hold because I'm just not that excited about the process of getting my business out there. I should and I made many attempts. I prefer to teach and brainstorm.

My "don't wanna" kept me cozy and happy with my private clients. There was Part of me that wanted to do more and didn't quite find the how.

So when I had the opportunity to work with Dani for a short period of time, "wow!" It felt so awesome and easy and fun.

What she did for me around marketing and strategy is what I do for my clients on love and romance.

I felt the possibility of partnership with someone virtual that I didn't think was possible. It was like having awesome first few dates.

I desired to play more with Dani to see where we will go. I committed to her 3 month program to give our relationship a chance.

To see if 3 months is all I need to grow and move on gratefully or I desire to make it more official like partnership.
I am the commitment type and if it feels like a match after dating for 3 months (which I have a feeling it is), going to be married to this business partner for a while.

Scary and exciting. Exactly how every great adventure starts."

Rose Leung
Feng Shui Romance Strategist

"I had no hesitations about working with Dani. I knew she was awesome and I jumped at the opportunity to work with her. I will say that her level of awesomeness exceeded my expectations!"

Christine Dyan
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

"Dani really made sure to get to know me and the ins and outs of my biz before giving just really sound advice. And I really appreciate that. 

I went from giving up to reinventing - which feels absolutely light and fabulous and I finally feel in alignment again!"

Sandra Pilarczyk
Visibility Trainer @ The Fearless & Live Academy

"Dani is very straightforward, honest, helpful and guided me to what I need to do next, and it was so incredibly helpful and amazing. It was a no-fluff zone, just honest feedback and honest guidance which really helped me see where I need to move forward right away. Dani helped me dig deeper into what I'm doing right, and what I still need to work on so that I could tweak the areas of weaknesses to grow, target the areas where I need the most work to help move my business forward faster."

Kristen Lloyd Moussa
Coaching and Mindset Intuitive, and Radio Personality