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Jenn Bovee, The Wholeness Coach

Jenn Bovee, runs a successful psychotherapist group practice and is also an online life coach for women who need to build shame resiliency. This is our second round of branding, that we’ve helped bring to life for her. 

Our goal was to showcase her live out loud personality and wisdom in her visual branding and improve the customer experience on her website in order to attract more of the ideal clients she wanted to attract, as well as increase her rate of conversion for discovery calls, product sales, and coaching packages. 

Jenn is a highly experienced psychotherapist, yet she is a completely down-to-earth supporter. Bold colors and serene visuals are her favorite flavor, so we kept that in mind when designing this round of her branding. 

Jenn gives off a strong positive, but approachable vibe, and wanted to maximize that to attract her right clientele. 

While others in the life coach industry often went for the more sacred geometry and spiritual stuff in terms of graphics (because that's what everyone else does), we opted for more of the wildly living out loud creative to push her to stand out in her industry. 

Click here to visit Jenn Bovee’s website.

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