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A site that up levels your business without breaking your budget...a site that makes them coming running with their money in hand, that sets you so far apart from your competition that you forget you have any.

The industry is crowded and this is how you express who you are and why you're different than the rest.

AND it's more than half off the regular price, thanks to this gorgeous full moon in Aries...this powerful Harvest Moon, right here at the Equinox.

You want to succeed as an unconventional business owner who stands out. This is your absolute BEST chance to make it happen.


A home, about, services, and blog on Squarespace.
Pointing your domain if you already own one.
Uploading your content and branding.
A gorgeously designed home for your business.
Also includes both FB Pixel installation and installing your Google Analytics (I'll tell you how to set this up on your end). I'll also point your URL to Squarespace if you have an existing domain.


Setup of a new Mailchimp account for you and loading of up to 3 autoresponder/welcome messages.

Does not include:

  • Purchase of domain name (this is free with an annual Squarespace plan if needed).

  • Hosting, this will be approximately $16/mo or $180/year for your first year.

  • Monthly maintenance. You can buy additional help from me or just revel in the fact that Squarespace doesn’t really need much -and DIY it.

  • A logo or branding, this is optional or we can use what you have.

Only $799, for a very limited time. (Reg $1398)