D. Mage
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Captain & Siren, A Beard & Sea Company

Captain & Siren is a beard and sea company developed by myself and the love of my life and partner Dru Musgrove. This is our second round of branding and we were going for a total transformation.

Our goal was to stand out in the beard industry in a way that made us well known not only as a beard/grooming company but also as an ocean enthusiasts that breaking the mold! The details of the logo are hand-drawn and include a dark element, the tentacle, to bring in the Siren.

The Siren isn’t your average mermaid and the Captain has fallen in love with her.

Captain & Siren’s vibe is deeply connected to all things nautical, without sacrificing the eco-awareness that the company foundation was built on.

While others in the beard industry often went for more misogynistic marketing, we seek to empower those who don’t fit the mold when it comes to bearding and the ocean.

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