The Campfire with Dani Magestro

The Campfire

Where you learn the magic of business

Last month's income was okay.
The month before was better.

But now? You're ready for pro-mode and the consistent months that come with the brand you want to build.

Except the mysteries of online business universe still exist. 

You're highly talented in your thang, but you feel like you need wizard-like skills to make it all work.
All the courses you bought are collecting dust because both you and the game have changed. 

If only your budget were big enough for the 1:1 handholding or hiring a pro isn't there. Yet.


Your business journey doesn’t have to stop at the intersection of what if and never. Give your business the burst of magic it needs to sustain you and your dreams with my crow's perspective.   

Sign up for all the Campfire sessions and:

Learn how to develop a lead generation system that helps you pull in the clients you really love working with.

Learn the language that you need to understand when it comes to your site, and your business development, so that you spend less time trying to figure things out on your own.

Learn how to show up like a BOSS and increase your trust (not your bullshit factor) so that when people land on your site, trust is the only thing they feel (that’s where your money comes from).

Learn how FB ads work and receive my beginner FB strategy so you can gain momentum towards actually creating incoming revenue that continues to feed your business and your life.

Doing things on your own costs you money. A lot of it. Campfire teaches you the things you need to know to SHOW UP, EARN TRUST, and SHIFT INTO RESULTS that get you closer to the pro status you long for.

This is a rapid immersion program designed to pull you up from confused and leaking money to steady ground and ready to take another leap into what you envision.

Septembers’s Individual Topics: 








All calls will be recorded and emailed out. 

There will be a Q&A session at the end of each class and space is limited. 


I want to say something like, Dani is Magic, Dani is a Lifesaver, and while that’s true, it doesn’t even begin to cover to what Danielle Magestro is. For example, my website needed an overhaul. I had no idea what to do. All I knew was that the imagery didn’t go with my personality or the copy (which was written by Tania Dakka). I sent Dani a frustrated email and she translated that email into a beautiful website worthy of the words that were written on the pages and of the work I do.

She helped me to finally get my funnel up and running, clarity on some big decisions I needed to make, plus she’s doing whatever it is you do with google analytics so we can see what kind of traffic my site is getting...and a million and a half other details that I know nothing about.

So yeah, calling her Magic or Lifesaver just doesn’t cut it. AND, she does what she says she’s going to do and she does it well. That’s becoming a rarity nowadays.

Thank you, Dani, for making a life and business a hell of a lot easier.
Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer

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The soothsayer. The bringer of truths and stories that invoke the business you were born to run - the one that was born in you.

Danielle Magestro-Musgrove IS the biz partner you long for. She pulls the ideas out of you and helps execute the shit you can’t.

Don’t know what the fuck your analytics are saying? She translates them and shows you where your strengths are so you can capitalize on them.

Can’t work Photoshop? She’ll make you look like a goddess, crank out social graphics that make people swoon, and create landing pages that scream professionally done...because, well, she IS.

Don’t know what you should produce next? This chick is the QUEEN of reading what your people want so you crank out profitable program after profitable program.

But most importantly? She’s THE MAGE who guides business owners out of their own shadows and into the lives they’ve been dying to live.

If you have NOT worked with her? You are losing more than money.
Tania Dakka, Copywriter + Creative Strategist

Who the heck is Danielle? 

I'm a star-gazer, a wonder-maker, and a success-seer for bold and edgy business owners who are tired of the bullshit scene that isn't making money. 

My family and I uprooted from beautiful Asheville, to set on an adventure that we are still living. And it's my business that allows us to live the traveling life that we want to live. 

Our wonderful daughter is homeschooled and loves every minute of watching mama win at business. And now she's getting to watch her dad learn to do the same thing. 

Most of the successes my owners have experienced has been because we've worked together to identify what traits are holding them back and then develop the habits to go way beyond where they are. 

My mission? To teach all owners who have the passion for what they do to succeed at being the best HUMANS and the best entrepreneurs they possibly can be. 

Entrepreneurship isn't as much about business as it is about learning who you are and growing into who you want to be.  

And I'm just the Mage to weave the magic you need to do it.




Is this a group program?
Yes, though it is purposefully a small, and intimate group.  

How long are the calls?
60 minutes + a live Q&A session. 

I’m not ready to do the work, can I buy now watch later?
SURE! You have lifetime access. 

Will the calls be recorded?
Yes, all calls will be recorded

What level business owner is this for?
From beginner to beginner/intermediate. This works great for everyone in that range who feels like they just don’t have solid knowledge and is tired of piecing things together.

What if I change my mind, may I get a refund?
No, there are no refunds on this program so please be 100% sure you are ready to dig into your business.


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