With a magic-making business mage who’s done it all – right by your side


Say goodbye to fighting the good fight alone, trying to figure out tech crap that beguiles you and foils your money-making prowess.

Say goodbye to wandering aimlessly through the forest of business alone, wishing you had the good fortune to have a powerful seer at your side to help you understand what’s coming.

Say goodbye to beating your head against the entrepreneurial wall.

Because I’m here to help you hammer out the tech issues that haunt you, to help you see the stars they way they were literally laid out for you, to show you YOUR path to success.

I’m Danielle.

And I’m the mage you’ve been searching for. Everything I’ve done in my business to this point has lead me to the greatness that I have in store for yours.

With years of working with A-listers (yes, I mean really powerful clients you know very well), I’ve developed my own brand of magic to help you reach your highest and most stellar potential.

But since I work as Director of Operations for a few high-profile entrepreneurs, my time for full-time clients is super limited.

So, I’ve put together a way you can soak up my brain, experience, and my tech know-how to help you reach the stars.

Introducing the Half-Day Brilliant Mayhem Sessions.

You and I work for a straight 4 hours on tech issues and power strategies that will connect all the dots, give you a solid foundation, and next steps on getting things DONE, so the money? Rises with the moon and the magic that makes it shine. 


Who this is for:

The business owner who is fed up with trying to figure out this game on their own

The entrepreneur who has spent more than 2759 hours trying to figure out Mail Chimp, Ontraport, or the like

The owner who is SICK of being misrepresented by an ugly site

The entrepreneur who wants to finally move FORWARD

The entrepreneur who is READY for success

Dani kicks my ass on a regular basis. When I fall in a hole, she pulls me out. Every. Fucking. Time. These mentoring sessions are the reason I’m ahead of my game. I will buy them as long as she offers them!
— Tania Dakka,

How This Works:

  • You grab your spot by paying here on this page, then we will book in your time. I'm available in multiple timezones.  
  • You are then sent a questionnaire so I can analyze your business and get the party started. 
  • We then meet on Skype or phone on the date you chose and we get down to business. 
  • While this session can be intense, I'll be doing the heavy lifting.


You ROCK Miss Dani, thank you AGAIN! Our session changed the way I value myself and my business. No big deal, you just transformed how I think about ALL of that, in ONE session!
— Agnes Kowalski,

Book your Mayhem Session when you’re ready for the stars to align and the magic to happen.


Important Info: Note that all sessions purchased are non-refundable. Additionally, if the 4-hour timeframe is too intense, please ask about inserting interval breaks to rest or break this half day into two days. I also offer a 2 hour mini session for $300. Click below to grab it.

I knew when I booked time with Dani that she had the experience and knowledge to help me get to where I want to go. I didn’t know that talking with her would bring me so much clarity and peace of mind. It was like all of these pieces of information I had floating around my head magically made sense when she put them in context for me. If you want to notch your business up to a new level, talk to Dani. She’s magic.
— Kim Caloca,


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