Winner of The Rise To The Top and Citrix Online Custom iPad

Guess what? I won something totally kick butt, a custom engraved iPad from and their sponsor Citrix Online!!! Check out the original post here and see David announcing the winner here in this video.

Seriously, just how awesome is this? Totally, like beyond wonderful. I know that I've needed an iPad for a while now ( I've had Android tablets that we broke within days of use ) and while I am a tech nerd, I do not own an iPad.

I've been offline a lot this past week sick and totally missed the announcement.

To enter the contest they wanted you to answer the question:

So, it’s freakin’ winter and it sucks. If you could host a meeting ANYWHERE using GoToMeeting, where would it be AND WHY?

I technically didn't include a why but after you look at the place I chose, you will know exactly why. Here was my response.




If you are ever in Austria, you should check out the Aqua Dome hotel, it looks awesome.

So a BIG BIG thank you DSG, Tron and Citrix Online for making my March amazing!