Why Today Deserves a Big Thumbs Up!


I'm wondering why my daughters cat, Fin, thinks my big nice desk is his own personal play house. This is the said desk and the very interesting little 4 year lurker who also thought my new desk was her playhouse.


Speaking of, she is one hilarious kid. Her favorite thing to do is offer us a thumbs up or thumbs down, depending on how she feels about whatever we are doing. So tell me do you think she likes the Maggie Moo Ice Cream in this pic?


I made these little delicious guys because I needed something chocolatey. Took all of 2 minutes to do from start to finish. I'm huge on Coconut Oil so bonus!

I had a horrible, horrible headache and I fear that allergy season is upon us but with that comes local honey for the soul.

I got word that my other half isn't working the night shift tomorrow, but the early shift, this is soothing to my soul.

I purchased this for my printables book thingy that I'm making. I got it at a store that was going out of business for next to nothing. I should have bought 100. I also bought myself this folder because I heart Sugar Skulls.


I realized I need nothing right now. After years and years of always having a long list of things too expensive to buy, right now I'm 100% completely content with or without these things. My dad asked if our daughter needed anything, the answer was not a thing. it feels good to know I am able to care for my family and have repaid my debts.

I realized I can't hear as well as I was trying to make everyone believe. I am not able to hear the tv when I'm in the same room. While this makes me sad, I still count my blessings as I know I have many.

I also realized the Paramedic graduates in less than 4 weeks, then we are off on our road trip of a lifetime to find our perfect beach home.

I soothed my soul with the gentle sounds of Hiro Boga's voice. If you sign up for her newsletter she gives you a free guided meditation called "Creating the Home of your Heart." Pure LOVE.

I fell in love with Office AutoPilot. (psst Affiliate link full disclosure)

The End.