Why it's Not All the Same to Me

Today I was having a conversation with my other half. We were praising a beloved friend who had a really great corporate job. This friend, Jay, used to be my boss when I first started my IT career 8 years ago. Without him I would have never been given such a great opportunity to learn what I needed to in order to finally be successful in IT. I was fresh out of college and Jay believed in me so he hired me. My other half and I were going back and forth about how awesome Jay's job is and how great the pay seems. I thought to myself, I remember those days. The days where I had group health and a fixed paycheck. Then that one little word resonated through my bones.. Fixed Income.

Yea, that does not sit well with me. I have dreams and hopes, I am also practical and have a 3 year old I need to put through college in 14 years. For me income is a means to do the things I want to do. I like having a bucket list or as I call it my Holy Crap This Scares Me List....I am not knocking a fixed income by any means because this is actually something most people aren't fortunate to have. I also won't say that being a freelancer/business owner isn't without it's struggles. Believe me when I say each month is different in the financial world of a freelancer/business owner. It's hard but if you adapt, you can get through it.

I'm really proud of my friend Jay. He has overcome some amazing struggles to secure a great job that helps him take care of his beautiful family. He also works from home and has seriously kick butt health insurance. I'm also really glad this ex boss of mine became my friend. He taught me everything I know in IT and he has always believed in me.

You see not everyone has the same idea of what work is or should be. Work is what you make it. It should be whatever you want to do but it doesn't always turn out that way. I still have no clue how I ended up in Human Resources 14 years ago but I did. I still remember my old boss in HR telling me that I needed to grow a backbone in order to stay in HR. She complained because I let employees cry on my shoulder too much and I never let injustices fly by. That is just who I was. I was a human resource, or at least through my definition I was. haha.

So the way I shortened my work day was I went from a part time ( 38+ hours, what a joke ) non-profit job to running my own business. I make my hours, I work on what I want to. I put my clients through a qualifying call ( without their knowledge because I trust my own gut more than any test ) and see how well they communicate via email (my preferred contact method) before allowing us to work together. I take on projects and tasks where they need someone highly competent and not just a warm body. I am an extension of what they do and can begin to intuitively know what it is they want/need me to do. You see, I've always been good at being that shoulder. To make my workday shorter, I just found a way to monetize that. (Insert the song Lean on Me!!!)

So what is making your workday long? Is it corporate America's rules or just an overabundance of work at your small business? Please share and I'll give you a high five just for showing up.