Why I'm No Longer Playing Cards with My Resume

Photo Cred = Ben Alford I'm a put your cards on the table kind of girl.

Don't hide em, show your heart, even if it's bleeding. This year I opened up the door, let my skeletons out and as they walked through the doorway I hit those suckers with a giant baseball bat. My growth has never been stunted, if anything I grew up way too fast out necessity. Hanging on for dear life when I was growing up gave me guts. In the business world, this translated to a yearning, no a fire from within my soul, that wanted to figure out the Un-Figure-Out-Able ( yea I made that up ). I always found patterns in puzzles, and puzzles in people. I see each person as amazing and potential being. Some people are made for business, and some people aren't. Those people quit.

I've been reading a lot about people who start us a business and shortly after, they just give up. I know that personally I have felt those exact feelings before. It usually happens when I'm just frustrated with my output and I just want to give up. I want to walk my butt out the front door, hop into my little Subaru and drive to the nearest place that is hiring and hand them my resume.  Hey, need a dishwasher? Great, because anything is better than sitting at my desk in my house in my Pajamas (Who am I fooling?). Then when I open up my resume to edit it, I glance at my former self.

Danielle Magestro, former non-profit HRIS, technical guru. I fixed a whole bunch of things for people who paid me peanuts. Why doesn't my resume mention that? Why doesn't it mention that at one point I made kick butt IT money but left that job because I didn't get to spend enough time with my newborn baby? Why doesn't it reflect how my heart ached to see half my company laid off while I was handed a fat check to move to another state and carry on? It shows absolutely no emotion, that is what the corporate business world is...a bunch of bodies, filling up space.

I often wonder if we were more honest on our resumes, would people hire us? I'm an expert at writing resumes. In the past two weeks I've helped two people write phenomenal resumes and cover letters. I felt invigorated after helping them as I love to help people gain employment. So is the resume dead? Nope. When I was finished with their resumes, I opened mine up and began to cross out all the unimportant stuff. I also began to fill in the blanks and write my own story. I realized then that I would never ever hand my resume to another person again for the rest of my life. No matter how much I want to give up and take a step back, it's just not the right thing to do.

I'm now an unruly business owner, with a wild streak! There is just no turning back from that kind of freedom.