What Home Based Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Their Health In Order To Thrive Part Two

This is part 2 in my Home Based Entrepreneur Health Series. What was the issue? My Vitamin D levels were at a 12. She said I have VDD or Vitamin D Deficiency. She then told me she suspected almost every symptom I had was related, including my hearing issues.  She said my other test results ( Diabetes, Cancer, Thyroid etc ) weren't back yet but she needed me to get on the ball in regards to taking care of this.

When I got off the phone I thought, wow all of these symptoms were so generic or I just attributed them to aging. (I'm 35). I also attributed some of them to a traumatic experience I had back in 2009 and it sort of became my crutch. In addition, I have a pituitary tumor that also received some of the blame.  Right now it's too early to tell what is going to get fixed but I just started taking Carlson's Vit D Drops, the high dosage per her recommendation. I've also started sitting in the sun everyday for at least 20-30 minutes, no more hermit living for me.

Why do I think it's important to write this post? Because now that I look back at this I realize it was caused by starting my business. While it has given me more freedom, it has also given me more home time and less out and about time. No more getting sun on the way to work and on the way home. No more sitting at the picnic table at lunch outdoors to escape the cubicle farm. Why do that when I could sit cozily in my beautiful little work cocoon at home. During all this I also looked back at old blood results and it showed my Vit D levels were at a 50 when I started my business. That also helped me realize my plan of action going forward.

If you are a home based entrepreneur, I suggest that you pay attention to your body cues. Here are a few things you can do to make sure this doesn't happen to you. Suffering with these symptoms for years, feeling like I was dying or just inept because I felt so tired and sick, was just plain silly on my part.

Make sure you are getting regular checkups.

If you don't have insurance, please check this link. If you are a freelancer, find out about getting insurance at the Freelancers Union if you can afford it. Find a resource within your community to get the testing you need to ensure optimal health. If things are really bad in the financial dept. I suggest finding a lab and at least getting the basic blood tests you need. There are several to choose from like Any Lab Now ( Not affiliated or endorsed, just showing you options ). I know for those of us in the USA who run businesses or don't have insurance, it's often hard to afford healthcare. Trust me, this isn't something you want to push aside. Find a way and if you need help finding that way, please contact me and I'll find some resources for you.

Make GOOD health a priority

We make time for vacations, work, weddings and other stuff in life. Make time for your health. You can't possibly have a good life if you just let stuff like this happen to you without investigating.

Think about getting some sun or talk to your health care provider about supplementing.

If you live in an area where the sun doesn't like to shine, talk to your health care provider about getting on supplements. Diet rich in Vitamin D is also helpful. Our culture has been listening to the experts telling us to slather on as much sunscreen as possible and there is now some thought as to sunscreen being one of the causes of VDD. More on this later and I'll try to link up the research study I found about this. Another thing to note, research is also being done on the possibility of using diet as a way to not get sunburn or UV damage to your skin. So interesting!

Get out. No really, get out of your little hermit crab shell.

Don't be like me. My theme song for the past few years has been this. Really, I've always been kind of non outdoorsy type. I didn't own a pair of shorts when I lived in Florida. I wore jeans, even to picnics in the park where it was 150 million degrees.  In my present life, we take our daughter out hiking etc but I still wear long sleeves and pants because I find the weather where I am to be cool. I admire the beauty of the outdoors, in fact it just seems I find lots of peace being in the outdoors, I just always covered up.

So if you find yourself, having any symptoms like I had, get checked out and make a commitment to yourself to FEEL better. YOU are worth it!

Have you suffered with VDD? Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you were able to overcome it. If you need any support or have questions please feel free to comment too!