Waking Up From Negative Space

I always know when I'm not taking care of myself as it always being the same. Self-doubt creeps in. I start to feel this pressure on my chest and in my head. I start to question my existence ( In the metaphorical manner ) and my overall mood and performance change. There are several things we can do when this happens and I hope I can help others by sharing my techniques.

  • First, get some sleep. Sleep is the most underrated and overly simple thing you can do to take care of yourself. If you suffer from insomnia, it will pay off if you try to get to the root of the issue. I have a family member who is young and always talks about her insomnia so it affects all ages. I recently read that if your mind won't stop, try getting your body moving more throughout the day and see if that works. I'm in 100 % agreement on this.
  • Second, get moving. It really does make human beings feel better. If you think about most natural progressions of death and/or illness people always explain that when their body gives out, they truly begin to feel horrible. You know the centenarian who walks 5 miles a day? Ask her if she feels great and I bet she will reply with a big YES. The natural state of our bodies is that as we stop moving, we feel terrible. Movement affects circulation, which affects every part of your body. If you are sedentary, you are giving your brain LESS circulation. ( Thanks the hubby paramedic for that one ) Every little cell in your body was given to you for a reason, use it. Don't give up on your body, until you have to.
  • Next, if I am find that I need to force self care, I find something positive to listen to. There is one video I found on an EFT page that just makes my mind melt into pure bliss. The sounds ( in my good ear ) make me feel so relaxed and loved.
  • Think about getting some support. I am completely an introvert. I've lost half of my hearing and I know that this is important even with these two strikes against me. I have spent years suffering alone, thinking that I was the only person who felt depression waves while trying to operate my business ( heck even in life ). The voices you hear ( your ego ) are wrong, you are NOT alone. Gather your posse, and if you don't have one, begin to select the people who make you feel most loved.
  • Release it all, and I do mean it all. Give it to god, or whom or whatever you believe in. Try some EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique, look it up ) or maybe just something as simple as adding a quiet walk to your routine. Whatever you do, arm yourself with at least one tool to help you let go of whatever seems to be nagging at you or holding you back.

If you find yourself needing a wake up call, as I do sometimes do, try some of the techniques above. You can also try out this amazingly simple list from Lisa Sarick. This is one of my favorite all time posts on waking up from a negative space.

Do you ever ever find yourself looking for ways to bust you out of an unsafe, unloved space? Share in the comments, and I will too.


Photo by BoogyMan on Stock.xchng