Virtual Assistant vs Admin Experts

It seems that everyone is jumping in on the VA ( Virtual Assistant ) bandwagon these days. This is really fantastic in some ways but in other ways, it is really starting to wear thin on me. I love that more people are seeing that they don't have to join corporate America in order to make money. I love that more people are trusting in the internet and virtual businesses too. I do have to mention though that there seems to be some very strong opinions forming as the VA industry becomes more diluted. I use the word diluted because I feel like new VA's are popping up everywhere. The mass movement of people who are calling themselves VA's kind of irritates me. I wonder about quality of work and if they really have the skills to do the work they are committing to do. I've done my research and VA's can go from the smallest hourly rate imaginable ( way lower than the US minimum wage rate)  to probably some of the highest pay scales I've ever seen. To me the varying range indicates a good thing. Your business is in your hands and you can control what you charge based on the skills that you offer. This is great, I love that there is opportunity for enterprise in such a fantastic industry.

When I first started out I considered myself a Virtual Assistant. I took low paying jobs off of sites like Elance and Odesk as I tried to build up my reputation. I always felt amazing helping other small businesses thrive but what I really wanted was to become a collaborator instead of a gopher. I know, the term gopher really isn't appealing when you discuss work but it is exactly what most assistants are. I feel that using the term "assistant" means you are going to be dumped on and not seen as an equal. I also feel that the term warrants a lower wage as well. I know I will hear from some higher paid VA's who will tell me I am full of it. I am just sharing my story of how I went from rags to riches by pinpointing exactly what it is I do.

There are also tons of VA's and clients who are really indifferent and the term means nothing negative. In that case I'd like to help educate them and hopefully start a new revolution of business collaborators!

Please comment below, I'd love to hear how you feel about the term Virtual Assistant!

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