This One Goes Out To All The Business Misfits

Lately, I've been struggling to find a business community that I can connect with. In the past I've nudged my way into the VA crowd, and then into the far reaching Web Development community, only to find both industries saw me as a rare penguin that looks like a hairless bears ass. No one wanted to look me, let alone join hands with me. Geez this is starting to feel like high school.... You see, I've always been a loner. I've been a child of proud independence and the best way to put it, I just never felt like I fit in - anywhere. With my entrance into business soon came some very uncomfortable feelings. Where do I fit in? Who can I relate to? Will my thoughts be so obscure that I won't find my community? These are all super valid things to think about, but to put it truthfully, they really are just mindless chatter. I've been determined to become the girl who is able to silence that mindless chatter.

I'm a business misfit, but before that I'm a life misfit. I've never followed any set of rules, I don't let anyone tell me when to  dream, when to wake up and when to give in. I'm probably not the typical rebel, because I'm nice, like super nice. I was voted most likely to hand out cheese sandwiches to the homeless in high school and then dropped out of high school because the social pressure was just too much for me. Gasp, What will this do for your college career? What college career? ...  I said to myself.

Dani Magestro 22 Years Old

My motto growing up was "Not Gonna Be Able to Do IT" , yeah I was a child of hip hop. I found inspiration in things like rap songs about how poor people were, or politically fueled slam poetry and not in learning how to recite the presidents in perfect order. I had a bit of a rocky teenagehood, and I know this disconnect with those around me probably helped me develop into a life/business misfit. I didn't need or want anyone elses help. I loved to help others and that was what mattered. I was ok being introverted. Being introverted for me, made me feel like I had a deeper soul. I would relish in things like daydreaming about running my own bakery or running my own vintage shop and those things helped me survive a very painful career in corporate America. I also never once thought to myself "I'm not capable of doing this" ever. If I wanted to do it, I went about finding a way. I had no pre-conceived idea of how I was supposed to turn out.

Looking at myself now, I realize and accept that I've always been a rebel, or a misfit. At this point in my career I realize that I don't need to fit in to any particular community, I am who I am. So who am I exactly:

I'm a 30 something thinker, doer of all things technology related.

I'm a mom to one child, an aspiring 4 year old homeschooler and this isn't going to change, no matter how many people try to sway us back to public school. I grew up in a place (South Broward County/North Miami Dade) where schools had no text books for kids, where we didn't have benches for parents to sit on during school football games because parents just never showed up.  I remember kids talking about graduation and when I heard the cost of a class ring I cried. As beautiful as that golden gleaming sample ring with my birthstone on it was, I couldn't justify an object that cost that much.  I remember thinking just how many cheese sandwiches is that ring equal to? So it was around this time that I realized I was different. Not meant to follow a set of learning milestones, that I received no value from this experience other than, make your own education requirements. UnSchool the structure and belief systems that were taught to me (nothing absorbed believe me) and open my mind wide to all the dangerously beautiful experiences ahead. I guess this also makes me a homeschooling Entrepreneur, which is sometimes very difficult.

I'm an perfectly imperfect Entrepreneur. I am a business misfit. I'm also practical, super resourceful and emotionally connected to everything I do in business.

I risk, because I breathe.

Lastly, the photo above is a scanned photo of me at around 22 years old in all my rebellious glory. I'm apparently the originator of the selfie, see how smooth my arm extension was.

So tell me, are you a business misfit? Is there something you do (or want to do) that makes you stand out like a hairless bears ass? Please comment below so that I know that you, as a rare endangered species,  do exist!