Things I wish I knew BEFORE starting my business

I've been reflecting back on my small business journey. Here are a few things you should know BEFORE starting your biz.

Working from home isn't really all peaches and cream.

If you have kids, or someone you personally take care of at home, you better be flexible as heck. Your work also better be even MORE flexible. Flex your arms, your legs and back. Then twist and contort your body into ways you never thought possible. Yeah, you still aren't flexible enough to start a small business.

Not receiving regular pay sucks.

Oh man if I had a dollar for every dollar that passed me by, I'd be rich! On top of that, if I had a dollar for every single time I was broke because of how my clients paid me ( before I got the money part right ) then I might not have almost become homeless.

Pay people well.

The difference between paying people you hire good and great, means all the world. In most cases, if you pay people well, you are going to get better results. I'm not talking about the random fiverr job. I'm talking about the people you trust to put their hands in your business candy jar. If you can't afford to pay them well, you aren't ready to hire someone.

Being different doesn't automatically make you valuable.

It's true, you can be a weirdo and have an online business. Just don't assume that the clients will come running towards you just because you are different. You still need to have some sort of inkling about how businesses run. You also need things like a marketing plan, a target market and a good looking website. I'm starting to agree that content isn't king, but web design is. How many times have you gone to a website only to click out because of the ugly factor? See, visuals first, content second.

This list isn't meant to be all inclusive, just a few things that really keep popping up as learning experiences that I wanted to share.

How about you? Do you have any advice on things you wished you had known before starting your business? I'd love it if you shared!