The Truth About Online Business

  1. Having remarkable clients makes all the difference.
  2. Charging appropriately for your talent is important.
  3. Hiring someone you love to work with, makes things peachy.
  4. Hiring someone, instead of doing everything yourself is important for self preservation.
  5. Digging deep into your brain to find what you LOVE to do, really matters.


Where am I this week? I have relocated AGAIN, this time to a perm place that will last at least the next year. Sometimes being a nomad wears thin. This was completely out of my control and it's just a reminder to stay flexible.

I officially have help now. It's a MAJOR thing when a small business has the ability to extend a branch and grow.

I am now back to coaching others on how to start a home or online business. This makes my heart sing poetry because I love connecting the dots with people who are new to the industry.

So expect to see/hear/feel more from us!