The Facade of No Doesn't Even Exist

Photo Credit: VonSchnauzer on Flickr  There are always things in your life that may seem out of reach. In fact, right now I could probably name over 100 things I used to think were out of reach for me. So what changed? I realized the Facade of No, as I call it, doesn't even exist.

I can't is sometimes I won't.

That thought is something you can control. There are sometimes huge roadblocks. Ask yourself, is this roadblock worth giving up _______?

The Facade of No tells you right off the bat, that you aren't capable of doing something. That whatever that thing you want so badly is, there is a reason you can't have it. It could be the ego telling you that you don't deserve it. It could be perceived fear ( which also doesn't exist, more on that later ) creeping in and taking over. Whoever or whatever it is, it's a facade and it really isn't true.

Here is an example of something I will never do.

  • Brain surgery. Not surgery for me, but performing on someone else. This is a very practical thing to put on my things I will never do list. It's easy, I'm not a doctor so the answer is a given.

So using this formula of looking back at a list of stuff I will never do, it's super easy to see past the facade of no. I want to do ____, is it on my list of things I'll never do? No, good then do it.

I like having this list as my ethical check in from time to be sure that I'm keeping it real and not becoming a robot to life.

So is the Facade of No blocking you from doing anything at the moment?