The Evolution of Turning Your Business Into Something Real

Even the worlds biggest genius' make mistakes. I always tell myself that whenever I feel like I didn't make the right choice. Throughout my business life, I've made some downright stupid mistakes. I don't like to relive most of them, but there are some I'd like to share so maybe the universe balances my karma lol.

When I first started out in business, I charged less than $10/hr. I viewed being a Virtual Assistant as an easy side job ( I had a day job ) and thought the extra cash was amazing. For the years before I started my business, I had a pretty decent salary. So during the day, I made lets say $25+ per hour and then at night less than $10? Do you see anything wrong with that picture? What made me feel like I wasn't worth more? I was obviously skilled, I mean, it wasn't like I was even doing hard work. So was I selling myself short, or just taking the lazy girls route?

I think at the time it was a little bit of both. I was supporting my spouse through college, we had a small child. I really wasn't able to make ends meet with my salary (I live in a state that has state income tax, so cut that hourly rate down exponentially ) but mostly because I was in over my head with bills BEFORE I started my business. But could I have really done things differently? No not really. People have always told me throughout my life, I had bad timing. I used to joke and tell them that chaos revolved around me ( it really did ) and I meant it. My life has always been a series of jump starts and quick finishes. Would running a business end up being my demise? Absolutely not.

See, I was on a learning journey. I really disliked my day job, even when I was making decent money. I hated being a groundhog, getting up everyday at the same time then bobbing my head in and out of my cubicle at work. It just wasn't me.

It was hard for me to take the employee mentality and turn it into a something personal. I guess if you look at it, sometimes having a job is something impersonal. You show up, you do your duties and you leave. It's easy to stay disconnected, but the moment you reconnect you become ALIVE.

I'm glad I had my day job history, from being a shoe sales girl at Bealls Department store to being the Help Desk Supervisor at a large corporation. It all taught me discipline and I learned the inner workings of how to run a business. I learned what the Marketing and PR Dept did, what the folks in HR did to acquire great staff, and much much more. I took what I could from those experiences and have now turned my business into something real.