The Dirty Little M Word

When it comes to marketing, I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the best. My clients really know their way around marketing and do everything they can to be genuine, value driven, customer oriented business people. This has always been something I admire about ALL of them. I would never, could never, work for anyone who used any negative marketing tactics. There are so many BAD ones to choose from, just take your pick. I've heard of companies making fake complaints to Google just to get their competitor a lower rank. I've seen people hijack hashtags on Twitter or Facebook posts just for the sake of spamvertising ( yea I made that up lol ) Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap. It's icky to some, it's uncomfortable to others. It's not something those who dislike sales really enjoy, that is, unless it comes from within. When marketing your small business, it's important to have a plan and at the very least an idea. It's supposed to be a positive outward flow of energy that originated from the heart of your business. It's like standing on the side of the road with a sign that says, I Rock at ______, Come join me. So why does Marketing get a bad rap? Unethical marketing is just bad. There is no valid reason to use it other than because you are being unethical. You can't hide behind bad tactics, there is just never a GOOD reason to go bad when it comes to marketing.

Today I went to Alabama Shakes ( Love you Brittany, and friends ) Facebook page and was pleasantly surprised to see they were giving away a FREE download of the song, Always Alright. To me, this is a just such a pleasant way to market. Give the people who love you, a solid taste of what you have to offer. Give the people who don't know you, a solid taste of what you have to offer. Do you see a trend there?

Value is value, and if you are going to give away a freebie, it needs to be worth a damn. I've been approached many times by clients who wanted me to create a freebie only to have it be so watered down, that it just didn't make sense to me. Who wants to read recyled run of the mill advice? Especially after spending the time to sign up and download something. Of course I try to revamp and help, making the freebie the best possible representation of the client I can. You can't always hang on to all the info in your little brain filing cabinet. You have to let a little go, in order to really make an impact.

Some days I wonder, just how many people really want to make an impact. I've been working with online businesses for almost 5 years now. It's starting to become pretty easy to spot the fakes, and pass them over. It's simple to market to your audience, just deliver genuine, valuable, practical info.

It's always alright, if you market from the heart.