The day your magic will be born.

I wish I could show you the glorious magic that happens after your 5th, 6th, and 7th+ year in business. When you first start your biz journey, you may THINK you are surrounded by all this magical amazingness, but the truth is you are just detoxing from all the stuff you have to dislodge from your head.  

Around my 1-year mark, I remember hearing from a coach that it would take 5 years to really know what hell I was doing. I thought, "Ha, I don't HAVE 5 years, I have right now and the bills are piling up". She said that of course with time comes experience but that something bigger would happen and I'd see it IF I made it. 

Was she right? Yes. 

She was right because in my first year of being in business I felt this euphoric madness that most newbies feel. You wake up when you want, you eat lunch whenever you want, you shower ( or don't ) whenever you feel like it. You go out to doctors appointments without having to ask for permission and everything feels like you are standing on top of the world. 

Except you aren't. 

You are probably grasping at a lot of straws (who doesn't?), hiring people or buying things you don't need, using way too much headspace coming up with ideas you'll never have the guts to execute, and spending most of your time fascinated by your newfound freedom. Shiny stuff will get the best of you (and your credit cards or your day job paycheck). Even if your income is rocky, this euphoria is enough to make the stress damn worth it! (or at least that's how your brain will rationalize the hard times)

You might even scrounge your pennies together so you could attend the current hot sh*t business course that everyone is raving about. (Not realizing that 95% of the time the only person getting rich during these programs it the person who built it) During your time in this course you won't realize that this isn't for you because the before mentioned euphoria will override your common sense/intuition. The good news is that knowledge will mostly likely be a tiny bit useful in the future, after you have a little experience under your belt. 

You'll work odd hours, or you may fall into your own natural flow (which feels amaaazing), and things will begin to shift. Notice I say begin, because it starts and stops several times throughout your business journey. You'll get your first large payment (Anything over a few hundred bucks feels like a million doesn't it!?!?!?!) and you'll start to put your hands on the steering wheel, only to realize that the struggle, aka the FEAR, is real.  

And you'll stop. And that voice in your head, and all of the old patterns will surface. And everything you've put time into learning will now be filled with doubt. You'll question your sanity, you'll defend your honor to those who don't get 'it', and you'll feel like you are being alienated by all your old non-business oriented friends. They'll think you sit around on social media all day and they'll ask you 53 times a week what it is you EXACTLY do. This is where the downhill part of the journey starts to go out of control. 

Every negative thought from your past will try to invade your business space. If you allow negative self-talk to rule you, it will rule your business too. 

You'll wonder why everything has to be a struggle, why you are too tired to work those long hours, and how in the hell you'll make this dream of yours work. You might even forget you even have a dream and this business journey will begin to look and feel a lot like your old day job. You'll probably even forget you are your own boss and start peeking through the classifieds whilst dreaming of a sweet day job without any cares in the world.  

Then you'll wake up one day, and things will go click, click, click. You'll either decide that you weren't cut out to build a business, or you'll know for sure that you can't ever go back to the land of living dead. 

*I know this, because at one point, that was me. I want you to know that MOST of the bad stuff that happens in business, is actually only in your head.