The Blog Disappearing Act (An Official Science Experiment)

It's been about 3 months since my fingers hit the keys within this blog. Why did I take a break? Well, the official reason is I wanted to test a theory. I've heard Derek Halpern from Social Triggers mention several times that you don't have to blog 3+ days per week in order to get traffic. In fact, I've heard him say this for years and it has always intrigued me. So I decided I would lay off the blogging and focus more within my business ( ie take a damn break ) and see what I was left with. Some thoughts... 1. Derek is right.

2. My blog traffic managed to grow exponentially thanks to some strategically placed keywords in my blogs. So while I wonder how my regular readers feel and if they stuck around, I do know people are still coming here and commenting on the things they read. ( To the tune of 10,000+ a month! )

A few cool things that happened during this break. ( Why do I feel like Ross and Rachel from Friends every time I say break? lol ) And overall, I'm excited to be back. Now the unofficial reason I took a break was well, so I could run far away from Entrepreneur burnout AND focus on a few new endeavors.

What is in the works?

1. A new "All things tech" service where I offer to answer your questions related to anything you need for your online business. This means unlimited email/Skype access! There will be a free and premium version of this.

2. I will begin offering ONE mentoring spot per month where I support you in the first 30 days of your biz.  This is a premium service.

3. I'm opening up my online shop and it will contain several fun to read ebooks (meaning they won't bore your pants off) and gorgeous resume templates ( so excited for this ).

4. My Tech Manager practice is currently full. So for now, no open slots there but I do have a waiting list if you are interested.

5. I'm also focusing a ton on Ontraport ( Office Autopilot ) setups so if you need help. Then I'm just a shout away.

Glad to be back, Dani