The Best Time of My Life

The world is fast. Everything moves at the speed of light.

Right now my family is in the midst of a transition. I've been supporting us via my business now for a few years and my other half is on the last lap of Paramedic school. We both have worked so hard to get here.

I had to be really creative to make running a business with our lifestyle work. We just embarked on a really amazing journey where we are traveling through our work schedule as we secure our dream place to live. From now until May 2013, we are digital nomads. We will be in our old town 4 days a week while The Paramedic finishes school and works. The other 3 days a week we will be traveling between two states while setting up our dream home. It's crazy, scary and exhilarating.

I want to share a story I heard this week while traveling. We are in a small town called Sparta, NC. Population 1175 as of the last census I believe. (Don't quote me, that's from memory lol) and I am working from the Backwoods Bean at the moment.  If you are ever traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway or anywhere near the Virginia / North Carolina border. Stop in at Backwoods Bean, this place is awesome. Wine and Coffee, how can you go wrong!

While sitting here I heard some women talking about their travels and one woman said she was a bartender in a former life back in Montana. Then she said something I loved...."I was a bartender in a tiny bar that was in a town that had tourists from all over the world during the high seasons. I met people from France, Russia, Italy and from all over. During the off-season the bar would be filled with only cowboys and by golly, it was THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE". She said this with so much enthusiam and excitement.

I love that.  The story prompted me to visualize the woman in an old cowboy bar just having a blast. I want moments like that where I can say I experienced the best time of my life. No more limping around the corporate world waiting on my vacations.  Running a business isn't easy, but it is meant to be part of the best time of your life.

PS The photo above is of my legs in to the river near where we are. The water is gorgeous! The internet may be scarce here, but the beauty trumps internet at the moment.