Rules of Business, Fight Club Style

Photo By xJason.Rogersx I'll admit, that I was a business novice who made such bad decisions! Even 4 years in, I still willingly admit that my business skills have been something I struggled with.  So what gives? How was I able to turn this business from hobby to business? It most def isn't easy but it was such an easy concept to learn. The thing I had to fix, shouldn't have been broken in the first place. That is where the bad stuff all started and the good stuff took over once I had my head on straight. Here are the rules of business, Fight Club Style. Totally without the violence but with as much eye opening profoundness as the movie.....

Setting an appropriate rate to charge for your service or product is FUNDAMENTAL. Undercharge and you are basically telling the universe you are funding a hobby and not running a profitable business. Money matters in business. If you don't profit, you won't survive and to put it blunt, you don't ever merely want to survive. You want bags of money falling from the sky. Get your relationship with money straightened out right now. Money loves you and can't wait to jump in your pocket.

The risk of starting a business is high, but not as high as everyone makes it out to be. In this world, even a regular day job that you've been at for umpteen years runs the risk of going away. The risk of running a business that fails only comes in to play if you don't have your crap together. Setting low rates, catering to the wrong (or no ) market and overall just having a hobby mentality will KILL your business.

Your overhead is your safety net. Be frugal, but don't be a tight wad mcwaderson. You have to spend money to make money. My overhead is extremely low but I do have to spend in order to make things work. Don't carry more overhead than you can handle, ever. Even if this means starting small, it means being ahead of the money snowball. Remember business is an investment of time and resources. Pick the right resources to support your time and you are golden.

Yes leaving a so called secure job sucks, but you can create yourself a happy little place you want to go to everyday. How much is that worth to you? When I say a happy little place, I mean the exact place you want to be, everyday, doing exactly what you want to be doing. Sometimes day jobs are necessary. You can learn tons of things at a day job but if going there makes you unhappy, you have a choice, remember that. No matter how hard or how much work it may seem to be, the resulting space you create JUST FOR YOU is priceless.

You can't run a business if you are depressed, poor or uneducated. These are all LIES. There are so many self made millionaires who are so so so successful in business that were depressed, poor or uneducated. Guess what? They made it and so will you. Most of them started with little money and only an idea.

On second thought, drop the entire crapping on yourself thing too. Your business only has room for CONFIDENCE.

Learning as you go, will take you far. You will never know it all, it's impossible! Take your talent and combine it with your souls yearning, then find yourself a mentor. No one should ever do it alone. Not every business idea is as amazing as we think it is. Research, poll and hang out where the people you want to sell to hangout. Get to know them. Know their pain, know their joy. Don't listen to the static, block almost every single newsletter from your inbox and schedule the sh*t out of your day/week/month.

Have a conversation with yourself. Be real, talk to YOU about where you want to be. Take that big wild amazing lustful dream and put your hands around it and drag it in with all your might.

I believe in you, the question is do you believe in you?