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So many things happening over here... First, new branding...NEW BRANDING people! I cannot tell you how elated and in love I am with my new brand. As a girl who never really 'fit in' with the mainstream world, creating a brand that felt authentic was really super important to me. I also wanted to create a new brand that was reflective of the evolution of my biz and the combination of all of my services. For a long time,  I've really struggled with accepting and nurturing what I saw unfolding before my eyes. I was scared that the services I planned on offering were too contradictory, but BOY was I wrong!

The amazing thing about this whole process is that after ONE conversation with the very talented Aliza from A Freaking Great Company, this new brand came out from the deep dark cave it was hiding in. She captured my essence so easily and I am forever grateful for that.  The new brand will be released soon, along with my new services as I'm putting the finishing touches on the graphics. I highly suggest you book a session with her! Please 'like' her page and tell her I sent you =)

Second, I'm in LOVE with Twice. Thanks to the super hot and talented Erika Napoletano, (who I found out about through Aliza, good god I owe her) I discovered my new obsession Twice. The day I ordered they were having a fabulous sale and I got the cutest sweater! What is Twice exactly? It's an online shop where you can buy and sell gently used clothing. As a follower of the vintage and thrift clothing genre, I love this! They only accept higher end brands ( So no Target etc ) and I thought I'd share my experience by reviewing them. Here is a photo of the package where I received my first piece from them:


The sweater is from Express and it fit exactly as I expected it to. The measurements they provided on their website were accurate as were the photos they had posted. The colors of the fabric were very close to what I saw on screen so no surprises there. I loved how neutral the colors were and how beautifully they went together. The sweater was a little more 'shiny' that I could tell from the online photo, but it had some pewter woven through it and I really dig it.  I'll admit that I was worried that since this was a knitted sweater, it would arrive with some kind of blemish on the fabric. But I was wrong! It was in excellent shape, with no pulls or strings hanging. In fact it looked brand new! The sweater smelled good, like detergent so that was pretty much the only reminder that it was second hand. Here is a photo of the sweater on their website:



Super cute I tell ya. The sweater sort of drapes softly over me and I wear it with a neutral tank underneath it. Shipping was $5 and because of my credit and a coupon I had, I ended up getting this sweater for around $10 shipped. The original cost of the sweater was over $60 bucks! So for a limited time if you sign up using any of my links in this post, you get $10 and I get $10. Just wanted to be sure and throw out that I did use my affiliate link in this review but have not been paid for reviewing their products or services. I just wanted to share a service that I found unique and fun! I'm not huge on shopping online unless it's for a product that I have tried on in the store but Twice totally rocked the online experience for me.



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