Remembering To Eat

Yesterday I had the absolute BEST Mother's Day I could ask for. Things have been hectic and as it turns out, The Paramedic received the day off from work. The idea of getting to spend time on a weekend as family made me giddy. We went out for lunch at Franks NY Deli, seriously this place is delish. This is where this photo happened... DaniMaya

I was obviously pensive while the papaya took it upon herself to photobomb me. Either way we had a big laugh about it after seeing the photo. I also posted a family photo here on FB.

After lunch we went shopping for a graduation dress. The Paramedic graduates this week ( holy crap! ) and I don't own one dress. Yes you read that right. I don't own one dress. SOOO I was on a mission to get a dress that fit me and looked great. Thankfully I found one within about 4 hours of shopping and boy was I beat! I've been on a roll this week as I also purchased a new bathing suit. I got a pretty little turquoise number that is 50's ispired, by Jantzen. LOVE it.

Do you understand how it feels to score two clothing purchases that fit to a T in one week? After years of not having this happen pretty much EVER, what changed? Did I lose 'the baby weight'? Nope, that is still in progress. What did I do? I learned something amazing called Self-Love. No more covering up in all black/grey clothes baby. I bought a turquoise swim suit, one that I do not intend to wear surf shorts with. So no more 'I can't wear a dress, I'm too pale/chubby/insert stupid thought here. I have officially retrained my brain to never let these thoughts into my brain again.

After shopping we decided to go get some frozen yogurt and I started to feel really sick. It became quickly obvious that my blood sugar was dipping down too low as I became nauseous and started to shake really bad. Thankfully YaYa's saved the day and The Paramedic made me sit down and drink a juice which quickly got me back to feeling well. This experience led me to thinking about how I've been eating recently. I've been so busy that I keep forgetting to eat. BIG TIME NO NO.

Not only is this incredibly stupid it also made me realize that if I forget to eat, I feel sick. If I feel sick, I can't work or enjoy my day. What does this have to do with business? It translates to this: If you want to have endurance, you have to remember to eat. In the business world, endurance is the difference between just surviving and thriving. I know which one I want.... Now the question is do you?