Personas VS You, Who is the weiner?

Everyone I know who starts out wanting an online business goes through the same process. They feel fear when they even begin to think about putting themselves out there online. It's normal trust me. They go through the 'Who should I be online' syndrome and I don't blame them.

If you are sitting at home, working some crappy job that just helps you live week to week....think about this.

What's worse?

Sitting in that office chair up to 5 days a week, while staring at a computer screen and crunching away on the keyboard. Then getting handed a direct deposit pay stub that is based on what someone who is way way richer than you believes that your generic talent is worth? Your body, their work.


Putting up a photo of yourself online while strangers hand you money, lots of money, to do stuff you want to do.

You decide.

People aren't always going to think you are the most attractive person out there. People aren't always going to agree with you. People aren't always going to swoon over your writing.

But you're not in business for these people. You're in business for yourself. Remember that!

While we are on the subject....share the real you online, not some made up persona.