Not Too Many People Can Do That!

I just had the coolest conversation with my mom about business. She said and I quote "You and I have managed to support ourselves without ever leaving our homes. Not too many people can do that!" She's right ya know.

While she doesn't run a business right now, she does work for an at home customer service provider. She answers calls from her little desk in her house. I think I may have helped her go in that direction at some point because she was having car trouble and needed a job at home. She worked in customer service and office management throughout her life, as well as provided both personal assistant and housekeeping services to rich folks.

I always admired her hustle when I was a kid. Seeing her come and go as she wished, and more importantly, seeing her be flexible with whatever was going on around her. My mom wasn't the stuffy business type, but she had a really good work ethic and cared about everything she worked on.

So here we are, two regular gals just chatting over SKYPE IM discussing our work from home stuff. I also realize that her twin sister, who is a nurse, works from home too providing nursing support for a doctors website. She too must have caught the work from home in my PJ's bug.

So working from home, while challenging, can be the answer to many many many problems such as:

  • Lack of transportation. You don't need a bus pass to park your ass at your own desk.
  • Low wages vs high cost work costume syndrome. You can wear whatever the heck you like, even work nekkid if you want really. You can dress to the equivalent of your pay instead of being forced to buy $40 pants on an $8/hr salary.  Did you know it takes you half a days work to pay for those stupid pants!
  • Eating out when I really can't afford it syndrome. You know when your friends all go to Applebees for lunch on days when you know you could not afford it but you went anyways. Eat fresher, better food from home.
  • Oh crap I need to go to the doctor but my boss needs me to fax something syndrome. Yeah because faxing his personal tax forms is waaaaay more important than a mammogram. Can't that fax wait while I get my painfully squeezed?
  • How the hell am I going to afford childcare syndrome? If you don't believe me on this one, just ask my in laws. They left their kids with the lady down the road when they were little. They would show up to pick up the kids ( very small at the time ) and the lady would be asleep on the couch while the kids played around the house.  I'm sure she was inexpensive and this is something most parents just have to risk in order to be able to go to work and support themselves.
  • Damn, now how will I pay for my student loans syndrome? This is a tough one. Still not sure how student loans are so high while pay is so low. Running your own biz means making whatever money you want so it pretty much erases this issue.

So there you have it. Do you work from home or do you wish you could work from home? What problem do you want to overcome by working from home?