Not All Work From Home Jobs Are Created Equal

"**Looking for determined and ambitious people to join my awesome team and WORK FROM HOME. 27+ year old Health and Wellness Company, backed by the BBB with an A+ rating. Job involves advertising, referral, and setting up customer accounts, pay is commission based with bonuses and incentives each month. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, MESSAGE ME for more details.**"
"Looking for motivated people to help with customer accounts and referrals, full time and part time positions available to work from home....The Company I work for is a wellness/pharmaceutical company. They are BBB accredited and have won many awards. I need help posting ads, contacting customers, and entering some data online. It's very easy! You don't need any experience because training is provided. This month’s incentive is great. Refer 8 people to the company and get $1,000 automatically. I am currently scheduling appointments for everyone to view a live webcast, which will provide you with all the details. Let me know if you're interested and we can set something up! Please INBOX me, for I don’t always see the comments."
"ISO of MOTIVATED INDIVIDUALS, with a DESIRE and DRIVE to work from home. No SALES, NO PARTIES, NO COLD CALLING. NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED. Must be willing to complete an online interview! PM ONLY for more information."

I call BS.

These are examples of Ads placed on some of the groups I belong to on Facebook. First of all, NONE of these postings are for jobs. They are for "business opportunities" if you even want to call them that. Second, I get people wanting something turnkey, but what I don't get is why these advertisers try to trick people into thinking they will be getting a job. In jobs, the employer pays taxes. This is most def NOT the case.

So what can you do if you want to work from home, in a legit manner.

Get clear on what service or thing you can offer. I normally tell people to grab a copy of their resume and circle everything they did that they loved and scratch out everything they truly disliked with a sharpie marker. What you are left with is exactly what you want to focus on. If you are left with NOTHING, then you want to explore your own inner curiosity and get to figuring out what sustains you when all else falls away.

Think about the money. What is your overhead going to be. How about our accounting skills, is this something you can handle? Do you have the cash to run this for a while?

Ask yourself, is there an audience for this? How will I make myself stand out. What can I offer that no one else can?

One you get that all figured out, you need to most likely build an online presence. If you make crafty stuff, everyone knows that Etsy is the place to be. If you make stuff or offer a service, then WordPress baby, it's the best route to an online presence EVER.

Mixed in with all of this you need to decide on a mentor. Mentors are amazingly helpful beings and if you can purchase time with this mentor, even better. No one should EVER have a go at running a business alone. It makes no sense to start off that way.

So instead of buying some turnkey kit, what can you bring to the business table? Do you have an idea that you've been afraid to lunch? Tell me in the comments and I'll lend you some inspiration.