My Mind Blowing Weekend

It's Sunday afternoon and I've had a great weekend so far. I've had a ton of ideas and things swirling in my head this weekend and have had more than a few aha moments. I just love those. I've been managing to eat much more fresh food. I find that I feel foggy when I don't and when our life slips into chaos mode, I always revert to grabbing what's quick. I think I'm eating up to 4 salads a day right now, plus one pea protein shake and one really good meal. This makes me feel so much better than grabbing something crappy. I even snack on some almonds or a random veggie a few times a day too. I'm a vegetarian by nature, pescaterian just a few times a month and more of a vegan in my mind. Snacking on fries from the drive through on the go is so crappy for me because well, it makes me feel crappy. ( Hint, listen to your body ).

So that doesn't sound too mind blowing does it? No not really but what I have found is an amazing feeling of zen. I've been in a soul searching place lately and let me tell you, it's not always a good place to be. So how was my mind blow? Well for starters I've been putting out some vibes on which direction my business should go and I've managed to find some blogs that really just hit me. It was totally random ( clicked on some chicks face who commented on a news blog ) and the way she described herself was so eloquent it made me think, HARD. After analyzing what she was saying I scribbled a few thing, grabbed some adjectives and realized wow...I just explained what I am in a heart centered way. I'm finding that when I look around for inspiration, or rather when I'm open to inspiration the universe kindly obliges. It's happened about five times this weekend alone.

In this search, I've come across one phrase that keeps ringing in my head.

Do not what you love; do what you are. - Penelope Trunk

The article I've linked her to, talks about some NSFW stuff but either way, it's interested and so is she. This blog post is from 2007. How great is it that someone thought to say that over 5 years ago? I've struggled with the "Follow Your Passion" and "Monetize what you love to do" things a lot lately. I just adore this blog. She rants from places I'm trying to get to.

Keep in mind that this could totally all stem from falling asleep while listening ( in one freaking ear ) to The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama. I'm finding a new peace in my hearing loss. While it's hard to hear things, I'm finding it easier to just listen.

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