Marketing Plans That Work

I am excited to share that my follow-up story has been featured in Heidi BK Sloss' revised book, The Fortune is in the Follow-Up®! 

A few months ago Heidi was looking for follow-up stories and I submitted mine. Throughout my business journey I have grown to realize how important a marketing plan is. In fact, I no longer have a business plan, I have replaced it with a marketing plan.

For me, I was always too busy to even think about marketing. Almost all of my business came by word of mouth. This was great but when there was a business lull, sitting around twiddling my thumbs wasn't going to pay the bills. I've always been super shy and Heidi's advice helps you realize how to market and grow your business.

Heidi's book has helped my thoughts on marketing evolve. I always thought marketing people were pushy sales folks and cringed at the thought of doing it myself. If you are looking for a smart marketing guide, this is it!

You can order the book via Heidi's Website.

I'd also love to hear how you are implementing the marketing side of your business. Leave me a comment below and I'll be sure and tweet your response!