Looking for an Editorial Calendar AND Social Media Scheduler, try CoSchedule!

Finally a Social Media Post Scheduler that includes an Editorial Calendar. No, not joking! Please have a look at my CoSchedule review to learn more.... Recently I was pulling my hair out trying to find 'the easiest' way to post to social media profiles/groups. After trying several ( meaning like 10+ ) different plugins and trying to use Hootsuite like an editorial calendar manually I was just so excited to find out about CoSchedule.

Why I dig CoSchedule:

  • It integrates in with your WordPress website because it's a plugin.
  • You can easily see your editorial calender and know what's going where.
  • It posts to ALL the popular social media accounts ( see below for a list ).
  • It's super duper inexpensive at $10 a month.
  • They offer a free trial, no credit card needed.
  • You can create teams/roles so it offers a little security peace of mind.
  • It integrates with Google Analytics ( LOVE! )
  • It uses a drag and drop calendar, which I love BIGTIME.
  • You can actually use the calendar view to click scheduled blog posts and easily schedule in the associated social media posts.
  • It pulls up a list of previous blog posts so you can grab old ones and schedule in messages quickly.
  • Shows the social media messages you have scheduled for an individual blog post on the bottom of the blog post editing page. This is so awesome.
  • AND my absolute fav, integrating with your Google Calendar. ( WHAT! )

How easy was it to setup, install and use?

Like woah easy. When you sign up it will try to install it for you, but if you have a firewall like I have it may make you manually add the plugin yourself. After I setup my account I went into the Plugin gallery in my website and searched for "CoSchedule" and it was installed in less than 2 seconds.

Note that there are some known conflicts with a few WordPress plugins and CoSchedule will actually tell you how to fix this, another uber cool thing they do. I did have issues connecting my Pinterest account though because I use Facebook to login to it. I had to reset the info and get things rolling. Speaking of Pinterest, the only funky thing about adding a Pinterest account in addition to not being able to use your Facebook login to set it up is having to connect each board. Some people find doing this to be a little clunky. Personally I LOVE IT. Helps me make sure I'm posting to the right boards.

Here is a little sneak peek into how setting up a post looks...

CoSchedule Review Screenshot


and how the calendar looks...

CoSchedule calendar view, social media scheduler

What am I using it for?

I use it to post to: CoSchedule2YES, you can really post to all of these profiles. I'm also super in love with the editorial calendar. I love having a visual of all of my posts. I also love being able to drag and drop posts in order to reschedule them. For me, ease of use is one of my top three priorities when selecting a tool. If I have to think to hard to use it, chances are I'll ditch it as soon as I sign up.

Is there anything else you think my readers should know?

Yes go through the tutorials as there can be a few confusing things about CoSchedule. One being you can use a dashboard from within WordPress or directly on their website. They are essentially the same thing but I think most people would agree the purpose of this is to make things easier so using the one that is integrated within your WordPress website would be best.

Also as far as I can see, there is no way to really manage your social media posts like you can within Hootsuite. If I find out differently, I'll update you soon.

And here is their overview video...

So, why not give CoSchedule a try and see if it improves your social media plan? I'd love to hear how your experience goes so keep in touch.

PS. Want to show me some love? Feel free to use my referral link if you decide to sign up and try CoSchedule. Thanks a bunch!