Life as a Parentpreneur

I'm a homeschooling business running mama. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked my daughter this week "Was she excited that school was out for the summer" I'd be taking us all to Hawaii. Here is how the last encounter went:

Take 4 year old to local ice cream stand...

Worker says: 'Hey little girl, aren't you glad school is over'.

4 year old says: No I dislike school, If you make me sit at a desk for more than 250 minutes it makes me bored. I've got things to see and do, including checking out this vewy (yes she said vewy) new species of ant you have crawling on your floor. As she walks away she mumbles 'I plan on being an ant photographer not a desk jockey..'

Me: Nods my head in agreement while 4 year old whips out her magnifying glass to look at some new ant species she believes she just found. I also can't believe she just said desk jockey. Ha.

I then let the 4 year old get completely covered in chocolate from her ice cream and we walk out while discussing space weather plasma. People stare at us because she has a chocolate stache.

This is totally normal right?

When I get back home I tell her I have to do a few tasks so she goes over to her craft table and starts making some cotton ball animals. At this point I feel like I'm totally #Winning because this kid is a genius.