Laptop Lifestyle

I just heard someone say "I love living the laptop lifestyle" and it really made me think. Living the laptop lifestyle ( known as LTLL from this point on ) really isn't for everyone. I think a ton of people who want to work from home only think about the immediate positives they foresee. They just don't understand the difficulty. It's HARD to balance working from home. It's super hard to make it all work. I do get lots of lovely perks, but it's just not for everyone.

As a mom of a young child, I balance a lot..but then again what parent doesn't balance a lot. Throughout this entire process, aka learning curve, I've had to hold on for dear life. It's just what makes us human I guess.

This week is Thanksgiving and my office is only open M-W-F. I've had a few amazing things happen lately in terms of growing my business and I am just ecstatic. It's amazing to see myself as a little Virtual Assistant turned prosperous Tech Admin. I don't think I would change a thing, except maybe kill any negative doubts I had early on. Thankfully a few friends believed in me (Ahem, Jude Anker) and I was able to push through some rough time.

This week I've got to get a ton of Hoots scheduled through Hootsuite. Hootsuite is one of most popular tools in social media these days. It's simple to use and my clients really dig it. I just finished up a clients web re-design, I say this because I designed a new site for her earlier in the year and she wanted another this opens me up to take on one of my wait list clients for web design.

I try to keep my business roughly 30% web design, 40% Tech Admin and 30% whatever else I feel like doing if I can. I take on a ton of unusual projects, which makes things fun and interesting. This balance is about to change a little and I'm excited at the opportunities that have just been presented to me.

I dig the freedom. I dig the unlimited income potential. For me doing this is about having an identity based business, meaning a business that reflects who I am. I love being creative, I love being technical, I love being organized and I love being me.

So what about you, do you think you want to join the laptop lifestyle?