Just Another Day in The Office

Recently a friend I admire ( she is incredibly intelligent and grounded ) mentioned that I need to blog more about my daily activities. As soon as I read her message I thought, she is so right! So I thought I would go ahead and start blogging daily about the business and the things I encounter in a day in the life of a Tech Admin. I know the term Tech Admin really isn't as self explanatory as I'd like to think it is. Basically I have a background in IT and I offer that expertise along with my Office Management/Administrative skills to help entrepreneurs run their business.

The tasks I work on are not always glamorous and that is OK. Today we worked on converted a heap of documents to fillable PDF's, spend some creative time working on a new website build and hooked up with an amazing new client ( plus about 092343 other things ). Some days are more creative than others and it's a heck of a lot better than rotting in some cubicle. It feels great to work alongside some of the best in the business.