Just a Reminder as to Why I love TeamworkPM so much

This is my 80th post!!!!!!! I've been really evaluating my personal systems lately and I recently had some thoughts about leaving my beloved TeamworkPM. First, I have always loved this system. I have turned many people onto it and I really think it's easy to use. I can't say that it does anything wrong per say, but I have felt like I wish it was more visually appealing within the actual system.

I have mine setup so that each project is actually just a clients name/company name. This helps me cut down on the confusion of setting up projects all over the place. I then setup task lists based on what my to do list is for each client and just tick those off as I go.  In most cases I grant my clients access and I also have my staff setup in the system as well. It's so easy to use and you have the ability to assign tasks via email which I LURRVE.

So this week I started to research other systems and I came across this amazing post. It helped remind me that A) the grass isn't always greener on the other side and B) I totally DISLIKE basecamp. Foliovision basically took the words out of my mouth. With TeamworkPM, even if you go the free route you get a whole lotta system. Yeah it only took me 5 minutes to remember what I disliked about most other PM systems.

I guess all of this is really great news, especially since I believe there is an ad out there with my praise for TeamworkPM on it LOL! Oh and I also recommend this for personal to do list stuff too, especially if you are a to do list person.