Let's get technical, My Blog Traffic and Income Report

Welcome to my newest monthly post, my blog income and traffic report.

It's been a few years since I started this blog, I FINALLY decided to actually pay attention to what I'm doing.

When will this post happen: My blog traffic and income report will arrive around the first of the month, every month.

What can you expect? My blog traffic and income report will contain ins and outs and behind the scenes 'stuff' from my business as it's related to affiliate income or traffic.

What will be included: The traffic stats from my site. Income from my affiliate sales for products I recommend. Income from my clients will not be included at this time, I will however discuss this in future posts.

Let's start shall we? So since this is my first time doing this, I'm just going to start with the simple numbers.

This month I had the biggest drop in traffic, why? Because I hardly blogged. It seemed the three month hiatus I took earlier in the year might have finally caught up with me. So for now, I'm going to focus on the USERS section, which used to be called "Unique Visitors". June Income and Report Pretty rough if you ask me, and I know I can do better. In fact, in past months I've done 5 times this traffic in a week.

Another thing to note, I've changed the theme I'm using on my website. A week ago I was using a left sidebar theme and I've switched it up because I also saw a huge drop in clicks when I changed it initially. I'm really happy with the theme I have now and I love the clean look. Again, just another way to start fresh.

Why am I doing this? Transparency. Challenge and accountability. So we can learn together.

Also, I want to apply the 5 years of knowledge that I've used to make my clients money to my own website. I've seen other websites do

Also, to be quite blunt about it, I want to start treating my blog like a business. And simply because I receive about 10 emails per day of people asking to pay to advertise on my site leads me to believe I have a pretty solid income stream if I just apply myself.

Now on to the income section, where I'll break down what I've made for the month. Since this is the first month I'll be paying attention to things I'm going to list out everything I 'expect' to make money from. This means I'm setting my intentions and designing an actual goal plan.


Bluehost - $65 Blurb - $0 (Click to become an affiliate) Ontraport (aka Office Autopilot ) - Hands down my favorite All-In-One Marketing and Autoresponder system Shareasale - $0 (on of the affiliate networks I belong to) Studiopress - $0 (One of my top three WordPress theme choices) TeamworkPM - $0 (My go to Project and Task Management System)

Total Affiliate Income = $65 bucks, yes really =)


Bluehost - $11.99 Boomerang - $5 CoSchedule - $5 Dropbox - $10 Outright Accounting - $9.99 TeamworkPM - $12

Total Expenses for June = $54

So it looks like my affiliate income actually helped pay my expenses this month and that was with zero effort on my part. So there you have, it's just the start of turning my blog into a business.

What about you? Are you a blog reader or a blog business?