It's time to help the business owner first

The thoughts inside our heads hold us back and they sometimes bring us to our knees. 

A few weeks ago I released my workshop series, MELT, and opened up the opportunity to anyone who wanted to apply. Out of the 36 applications I received, 20 or so were not a good fit. I could tell from the answers that most of these women were struggling with being seen and it wasn't a visibility issue. 

The issue? They didn't value their identity enough to make a business work. As I dug deeper I began to see patterns. Several of the women had started 5 or more businesses and their well had gone dry because they spent soooo much cash on self-development or coaching only to arrive on the other side without much gained and with their bank accounts ransacked. 

They were scammed by shitty coaches. They were following a pipe dream without having the chops to do the work (yet). They were playing on Facebook, and they were running towards every single new shiny object they could because it soothed them. 

This was worse than overspending and retail therapy but because it was done from the comfort of your pajamas, it wasn't that noticeable. 

They thought you could buy a business in a box and things would fall into place. But I went to "XYZ Business Program/School" they'd shout!

Yeah, but did you actually focus, learn, implement, and was that program even built to work for your business model? NO because you weren't even sure what that was at the time. 

What they didn't realize is that their past patterns would come into play. If they had years of deep seeded unworthiness following them around, they would often self-sooth via programs. They made bad decisions in the fog and often didn't dig deep enough to figure out what they were truly meant to do. 

And these are just a few of the reasons why some businesses are not able to fully get off the ground. 


The business owner is so absorbed in their self development pursuit that they can't soak any of it in. They feel overloaded, without the cash flow to prove that they are 'working' or running their business. (Because let's be real, business is a shit ton of work). People often rely on the false notion that later on when they are way more experienced, they can circle back and the stuff they learned will make sense. Here's the zinger though, by the TIME this happens that info will no longer be relevant. Between new technology and failing start ups, online business evolves faster than any other 'type' of business. 

But what about the money? Being unemployed, or even having financial stress, can make you THINK that entrepreneurship is for you. In fact it was what made me think the leap was for me. I had a baby, I was depressed and just wanted to hang out at home so I wouldn't strangle anyone at the office. I had worked from home for years on call for my day job, I thought this can't be too hard right? It looks easy, it looks flexible, and it seems great to 'make so many friends'. It's also kind of fun to curate a new life but if you aren't living/working authentically, then who the hell are you? 

Here's where things get a little strange. Just because someone buys from you doesn't mean they are your friend. And just because you've met a super nice person you get along with in Facebook groups, it still doesn't mean they're your friend either. (So pretty please stop paying for friends.) 

People flip flop between business models and stall. Then start again, and stop. While most of this is totally normal in the infancy stage, doing this for more than a few years can cause you financial stress unless you're wealthy and can support this cycle. 

There is no rule book. There is no department manager telling you what to do. 

So do we need guidance? YES. Most of us do. 

Do we need to dig deep within ourselves and find the answers there first, yes. I wholeheartedly feel this is where everyone should start. 

Over the next day or so I'll be opening the doors to a two week summer camp style 'reinvigoration' or quite possibly the 'final departure' of your business. Some of us will close our doors and move on or change, and some of us will know in our souls that this path is where we're meant to be.  

THE CAMPFIRE is affordable and you'll go through the realism of working through these hangups. There are no video challenges, or content strategies to implement. I'm not going to teach you any tactics or make you six/seven figures (rolls eyes). It's two weeks of intimately questioning WHY you do this to yourself and learning more about you, as a person, and possibly as a business owner if you want to go that route. 

This is about you, the business owner.

It includes four videos/audios (plus personal thought challenges/exercises) + email access + one group call and recording. This is not a technical how to, it's more of digging into why we stop ourselves from having the freedom to have a business, or the freedom to let our business go. The reality is you don't even need to decide those things right away, but maybe open up to the possibility of lighting the way for yourself. 

If you are ready to secure your spot, and don't want to wait for the official offering, click here to grab it at the early bird price. I do have a limit on the amount of people that can attend and if you have questions you can find me here.