Big Top Thursday - Interview with Tania Dakka

Today I'm kicking off a new series, Big Top Thursday...Where we take a look behind the scenes of small business. Tania Dakka

First up, is the Killer Copywriter Tania Dakka, Chief Badass of Badass'D Biz+Ink. Tania has written the copy on some new programs I have coming up and I can't recommend her Badass'D self enough!

Tell us a little about your business.
Badass'D Biz+Ink helps savvy businesses project the personality and drive they rep (but can't always get across). Sexy web copy coupled with fiery social copy only ups the value of your online real estate by approximately 527735.81% (roughly speaking).

What motivated you to start your business?
Darwin intro'd the concept of survival of the fittest, it was this drive that lead me to evolve faster than the small army that had taken over my home.

What was the first step you took to start your business?
Wasting time trying to learn from everyone else, instead of falling on my face, which is, ultimately, more effective - even if it's slightly painful.

Where do you work from? Spill it!
Any damn place I can get a connection. I'm writing this on our way home from a road trip. 

Tell us, how do you make it all work? (home, work, day job, kids, pets, obscure hobbies... how do you balance it). My hack? Steal every second everyone sits in front of the screen (note to self: schedule 8 more hours of screen).

Seeiously, I plan out everything. What has to be cooked for the week, what has to be cleaned (thank you, FLYLady). What mountains to conquer.

And take mandatory time out on my motorcycle (Thunda) - or else the bloodshed between siblings might go unnoticed.

If you could go back in time via the Movie Back To The Business Future, what ONE piece of advice would you tell your newbie self?
Focus, goddamn it.

Where do you recommend others getting started in your industry turn for help?
Get a kickass mentor. Stop trying to read blogs and pick up what's right and wrong. It shortens your road to success by, like, 1737 days (Disclaimer: my math is always an estimation)

What is your most favorite technology related biz tool these days?
Duh. My iPhone. Mobile functionality at its best!