It’s that time again, Big Top Thursday! Where we take a look behind the scenes of a small business, writer or blog. Today's interview has me squealing with delight.  I give you Paul Jarvis, bestselling author & web designer!!!

Paul Jarvis Interview

I first heard about Paul Jarvis a few years ago via Danielle LaPorte. He had designed several of her websites and I remember thinking "This is someone I want to remember". I immediately fell in love with his writing style. His writing made me feel like I was sitting in a dimly lit coffee house listening to him speak. His advice is always practical and he wears writes his heart on his sleeve - as all good creatives should. Aaaaand did I mention he has killer tattoos?

The first book I read by him was "Everything I know" and since I've bought it, I've read it about 10 times over. It's an easy read and I was excited to see that he has a new book out.

Tell us a little about your business. I run a web design biz  and write books/articles. My latest book is The Good Creative.

Basically I help creatives do better with sales/marketing, even if that isn't their typical jam.

What motivated you to start your business? I wanted to help creatives do business - so I started a web design company. Then I started writing books to help more of them (since I can only work with a few dozen a year for web stuff).

What was the first step you took to start your business? I quit my job as a creative director because I loved the clients but hated my boss (he was also a coke-head but that's another story). I was going to get another agency job, but the day I quit all the clients from the agency called and asked where I was going to work next, since they knew I did all the work. Boom - instant freelancer.

Where do you work from? (Work from home at a desk? Work from Cafe's? Travel the globe?) Spill it! At my house, with my rat buddies in a home office. Sometimes I work at a coffee shop, but I don't tend to like being around groups of people, so mostly from home, by myself.

Tell us, how do you make it all work? (home, work, day job, kids, pets, obscure hobbies... how do you balance it).  that's laid out here:

If you could go back in time via the Movie Back To The Business Future, what ONE piece of advice would you tell your newbie self? I'd rather go back in time to give myself a high five. Although that'd create certain irreversible paradoxes in the time-space continuum. So maybe I wouldn't...

Where do you recommend others getting started in your industry turn for help? I have no idea to be honest, I started in the web world when the web started... it's different now so it's hard to say.

What is your most favorite technology related biz tool these days? Our own brains, these possess the critical thinking required to pick whatever tool is best for us specifically :)

Thanks so much Paul for answering my interview questions!

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