It's that time again, Big Top Thursday! Where we take a look behind the scenes of small business. Brandy Morris

This weeks lovelypreneuer is Brandy Morris. I met Brandy through some mutual friends/fb groups we belong to and she immediately stuck out from the crowd. She has the same love for rap and hip hop that I do!

Brandy is a Possibility Scout & Brilliance Instigator. (Is that a cool title or what?!!)  Not only is she super witty, she is one smart cookie too. You can find out more about Brandy's business by clicking here

Tell us a little about your business.
I help service-providing solopreneurs instigate and implement fresh new ways to serve their people. Whether it's amping up offerings in a Dynamite! Service Boost or keeping brilliant minds in check as a Partner-in-Implementation, I am all about helping people find their unique brand of brilliance and then sprinkling that shit on everything.

What motivated you to start your business?
Way too many people mistake their brilliance for common sense! I've always had a knack for showing people how damn brilliant they are and helping them work that goodness to their advantage. Working for other people put restrictions on when and how I could use that skill so I figured it best to start my own biz and make it my main thang.

What was the first step you took to start your business?
Ha! Creating business cards. I ended up throwing away 450 of the 500 I printed because that was *not* the right first step.

Where do you work from?  (Work from home at a desk? Work from Cafe's? Travel the globe?) Spill it!
I've got three offices! My main spot is my trusty little home office where I'm surrounded by things that keep me connected to my brilliance. I've also got a portable office that can be set up in my lusciously green backyard (when the bugs aren't too wild) and the Brown Dog Cafe when I need a complete change of environment.

Tell us, how do you make it all work? (home, work, day job, kids, pets, obscure hobbies... how do you balance it). 
My to-do list consists only of specific tasks. I keep my big, overarching projects mapped out in Trello and then pull my to-do items from there. It helps me to avoid overwhelm because I don't get wrapped up in the big picture of what's on my plate- my daily list only includes what can happen in a day. Also, I am OBSESSED with the Pomodoro technique. It is amazing what you can get done with 25 minutes of truly focused action.

As for balance,I mapped out 5 areas of my life that I would most like to keep in check: mind, money, spirit, health, and space. I do one small thing everyday to nurture each area.

If you could go back in time via the Movie Back To The Business Future, what ONE piece of advice would you tell your newbie self?
No matter how many blog posts you read and or how many gurus you listen to, you're still going to make mistakes. Might as well get into action and get them out of the way early- you'll learn so much faster this way.

Where do you recommend others getting started in your industry turn for help?
Find a mentor who does business in a way you admire and an accountabilibuddy who is just as driven about creating their dream biz as you are.

What is your most favorite technology related biz tool these days?
Remember my Pomodoro obsession? I use to time my sessions. It's super dope! You can log what you work on and look back to see how you're spending your time.


Thanks for sharing Brandy!

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