I'm only attracted to things that make me feel like I have a superpower

This is a true story. For as long as I can remember, let's say roughly 30 years ( wow! ), I've always ONLY been attracted to things that make me feel like I have a superpower.

Early Example: Playing the tuba in high school. No one wanted to play but the moment I got my hands on it, I felt like I was super woman. I stood there holding this big giant ass horn that made these horrible noises. I was able to do this without falling down even though it was almost as tall as me. I knew that tuba was a misfit, everyone else wanted to play the drums, but 12 weeks later that tuba got the school solo because it sounded so rad.

Recent Example: Starting a business when everyone around me said I was crazy. I was poor, I became even more poor along the way, only to emerge as a REAL business owner.

Stretching my brain like it's doing a fine mix of yoga + karate is just my normal way of life. I can't sit still, well my body can, and does, but my brain does not.

For the past 4 years this is how my life has gone:

Wake up without an alarm clock, meaning I sleep in when needed

Working behind the scenes with over 45 different clients businesses

Working on things I really care about, every single time

Spending my time how I want

Hanging with my family when I want

Not working whenever I want

Not needing to schedule in vacation or sick, I just take what I need and my clients always back me up on this as they too take very good care of themselves

Not building a life that I need to escape from

Sure doing some of these things was hard, especially when I didn't have the money thing right. (More on that later.) But if something is hard, do you give up or give in? It was hard for me to go to an office and agree to do things that I disliked. It was also hard to collect a paycheck for it and just show up. There were days when I wanted to take a baseball bat to the 4 LCD's I used at my desk so I could be more productive. How much more freaking productive could I be? Turns out, I could do more, and more importantly, I could be more.

So how are you spending your time these days? Is it being spend doing shit for other people or doing shit for you, that helps other people?

Doing the things that I dig, gives me super powers. All day.