I'm an Expert!

Lol. I love saying that. Especially on days when I'm not really that much of an expert. A huge part of my company is getting to work with two insanely awesome systems. I'll admit, I have a favorite, but the other one is not going away anytime soon so I make the best of it. It's good to have things that challenge you!

One system is Infusionsoft. Do I love it? Sometimes I do. Do I feel like I want to stab my eyes out sometimes when trying to figure out how to use it, yes, that too.

When I moved up in the world of technology and told the universe I deserves A) More money and B) More responsibility, she basically threw me into the fire. I had been using Infusionsoft for about a year but wasn't being paid to really absorb it. I was a task ticker and to my own fault, I just didn't really connect with Infusionsoft like I connected with other systems so I totally blew the whole relationship from the get go.

Well lucky for me, the business woman I partner with and that I dedicate a majority of my time to ( and more in the future yay! ) uses Infusionsoft. I had to get to know it more intimately and make sure I knew what the heck I was doing! It's been a fun ride and I am really happy to share this resource if you use Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft User Groups

These are local user groups that host meet ups of other Infusionsoft users. This is totally rad for so many reasons. For those of you who are new to the world of online business..Infusionsoft is an All-in-One Sales and Marketing system. It's a message delivery system, a shopping cart, an affiliate system and more. It's not for the faint of heart though, I thank my Info Tech background for helping me through that one. I will say that Infusionsoft has changed ( in a good way ) more recently. You used to have to be a genius to figure out their stuff and they are now priding themselves on being more user friendly.

So I guess this makes me an Infusionsoft expert right? lol


PS. Thanks to Rowena for pointing out that I left off the second thing I work with daily. I'll write that post up in a day or two.